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Every day, you should be looking for new ways to enhance your oral health care. This includes making sure that you’re always flossing correctly. Furthermore, using effective flossing tools can provide tremendous benefits, as they are specifically designed to clean between the teeth. By choosing to make flossing a part of your daily life, your oral health care can shift for the better.

If you decide to use threaded floss, make sure that you avoid the risk of contamination. This includes using a clean section of the floss to clean between each tooth. To accomplish this, you should use a strand that is roughly 18 inches in length. Wrap the floss around a finger on each hand and floss between each tooth while sliding the floss up and down the tooth’s surface.

When selecting which type of floss to use, look for one that will not shred easily. This includes single-filament threads or threads that promise to be shred-resistant. If you have any questions, look for products that have the ADA Seal of Acceptance for product safety and effectiveness, or speak with our dentist about product suggestions.

Always care for your teeth and gums so that your smile can last for ages. For more information about improving the condition of your teeth and gums, or to schedule a complete oral examination with Dr. Josef Mamaliger and our team at The Dentist House, give us a call at 760-446-7343. We look forward to seeing you soon at our dental office in Ridgecrest, California!