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Before you put your dentures in at the start of your day, make sure you spend time brushing them, and the rest of your mouth. Even if you have two complete dentures due to all of your teeth missing, it is still important to brush your mouth.

Our dentist, Dr. Josef Mamaliger, can help you know more about caring for your dentures. That is why our team at The Dentist House in Ridgecrest, California, want to make sure you are keeping your dentures and your mouth clean by brushing daily.

Before you put your dentures in at the start of your day, grab your toothbrush and brush. The first thing that you need to brush is your mouth. Make sure to brush your gums, and tongue. This can help remove plaque and bacteria from your mouth, which will help your mouth stay healthy and fresh.

Once you have brushed your mouth, brush your dentures. It is important to brush your dentures at least once a day. Just like brushing your natural teeth, brushing your dentures cleans them from any unwanted bacteria or food particles.

If you want to know more about denture care, or have any questions, call us at 760-446-7343. Our team looks forward to scheduling your appointment today.